Code of Conduct

Mount Gambier Disc Golf Club takes pride in the quality of its players, host facilities and broad community involvement at each event it organises or participates in. In order to continue making our events enjoyable for everyone we require all members/players to adhere to a set of guidelines known as the Code of Conduct. Its purpose is to create a safe environment for members and to instill a sense of professionalism that will project a positive image of our sport to the broader community and to potential sponsors. The Code of Conduct is to be adhered to for the duration of the applicant’s membership.

Personal Conduct
•MGDG members are expected to demonstrate respect for other park users, tournament participants, spectators, tournament officials, volunteers and all others by exhibiting etiquette consistent with the expectations of disc golf competitors.
•Violations include abusive language; abuse of the course or disc golf property; cheating; bag kicking; vandalism; display of bad temper; disrespect of fellow competitors, spectators, volunteers and officials and other conduct that is considered detrimental to the best interests of the game.
•Use of alcohol by a competitor or caddie during a league day or tournament round is prohibited.
•Use of illicit drugs by a competitor or caddie during a league day or tournament round is prohibited.

Health and Safety
•Members must take due care when throwing a disc that their throw will not threaten another person’s safety.
•If a disc throwing situation presents a threat to another person’s safety or property, then the thrower must take steps to eliminate the threat or wait until the threat no longer exists.
•If in doubt, don’t throw the disc.
•Whilst out on any disc golf course, players should be aware that there are natural and man-made hazards that can cause injury if a player shows a lack of care and attention. Examples of these hazards include but are not limited to rabbit holes, snakes, spiders, rocks, over hanging branches, slippery ground, fences and water hazards.
•Members are advised to wear footwear that will protect and support the foot and ankle.

Drug and Alcohol Usage
As stated in the Personal Conduct above, use of drugs and/or alcohol during a League day or tournament is prohibited. Players may responsibly consume alcohol prior to or upon completion of their round(s) for the particular day. However, abuse of alcohol after play and on course property is considered professional misconduct and is subject to disciplinary action at the discretion of the Mount Gambier Disc Golf Club committee and/or Tournament Director.

Dress Code
Full members are encouraged to wear club shirts/apparel during all official rounds, tournament rounds and any events that the Club is officially participating in. Neat casual dress will apply to all tournaments for all players.

Violations of the Code of Conduct
If a violation occurs prior to or during an event, the individual must immediately comply with the code. This must be done without undue delay and the code must thereafter be maintained. The committee and/or Tournament Director may assess and enforce a penalty depending on the severity of the violation.

Here is a copy of rule 804.05 the P.D.G.A. rulebook:

A. A player shall be disqualified by the director for meeting any of the necessary conditions of disqualification as set forth in the rules, or for any of the following:
1.Unsportsmanlike conduct, such as; loud cursing, throwing things in anger (other than discs in play), or overt rudeness to anyone present.
2.Willful and overt destruction or abuse of plant life, course hardware, or any other property considered part of the disc golf course or the park.
3.Cheating: a willful attempt to circumvent the rules of play.
4.Activities which are in violation of the law or park regulations or disc golf course rules, including the illegal consumption of drugs or alcohol. Directors are granted the discretion to penalise or disqualify a player based on the Severity of the offending conduct. An official warning of disqualification may be issued by MGDG Committee or a director where appropriate.

B. Disqualified players shall forfeit any tournament prize money and shall not receive a refund of entry fees or member dues.

The MGDG Committee reserves the right to apply any sanction/punishment/s to any MGDG member or sanctioned event / tournament participant for a breach of any of the above, after the member or participant has been given a reasonable opportunity to explain his/her behaviour. The ruling/s of the committee will be based on the severity of the breach (and prior breaches, if any) and will be immediately enforced.